Serge + Melanie + Thomas | Together

Let it be known that I am emotional. I cry at weddings, at commercials, even while browsing Pinterest. I’ve discovered what triggers this emotion over the years: it’s the connection. There is a truth to relationships which evolves and manifests a connection. A mother and child, a husband and wife, a bride and her mother and a soon to be wed couple. As a witness to these various interactions, I realize in that moment that their connection signifies something bigger than what I see. This fleeting moment is a part of their history. It’s part of life’s bigger picture.

The most powerful to witness are those connections that trigger how it will one day apply to me, or how it once has. Mother and son dances at weddings kill me for that very reason. I am a ball of tears. Tears stream of excitement that one day I will dance with my son. That same moment brings tears of fear that it is all going by too fast. And to balance both the happy and the fear, I cry.

This session did just that, it connected me to my past. It started off as a fun and an effortless family shoot in Melanie and Serge’s home. Being cozy and loving with their new baby boy Thomas. Showing their family in their current natural setting. Showing off their current normal which is always changing. People grow, people change, love grows, love changes. So I am honoured to carry the burden of my life’s personal mission to capture your connection to the normal you experienced that day.

Thomas got a little fussy and Mel knew we had to take a little break to nurse. I asked to follow her and photograph this moment. A moment that to her might have been ordinary as she has done it (and will do) instinctively hundreds of times. As I photographed, I watched little Thomas throw his tiny perfect little arm over his head, as he fed, shielding off the world… to just be.

My heart literally melted.

My babies did that!”… “How could I have forgotten?”

I had forgotten all about that tiniest littlest most cherished move.

So I cried.

Happy tears that I got this moment for Melanie, as she might one day forget too, but the memory will live on through this photo. Happy tears for me that I got to remember a part of my history so perfect, precious and mine. But sad tears that it’s not part of my current normal. I understand the evolution, the changes, the growth that comes with children and I do love it. But I mourn what it once was, especially when you witness such a beautiful as this moment between mama and baby.

Thanks Mel for letting me in. Truly, bless your heart. It meant more to me then you will ever know…for now.


Be safe, healthy, happy, loved.