Jason + Joanne + Maddox + Taya | Together

Children are characters on their own. It’s always so interesting figuring out whose nose they have, whose laugh they got, and whose quirkiness they took on. I have known the Flood family for years and their beautiful family is so much fun to watch grow. I photographed their wedding over ten years ago! It doesn’t look like it, they still look like teenagers. Max and Taya are the best of siblings and Taya is her own personal stylist! She has an aversion to buttons. She will probably revolutionize closures on clothing, banning all buttons.

Enjoy their personalities! Thank you for having me spend time with your precious family!

Be safe, happy, healthy… loved



Taya got a little upset that in the midst of the fun, we got her beautiful skirt dirty, this photo captures her in her true fashionista-self. Please note: Taya also picked her outfit 😉


You are so beautiful Jo!!!