Sarah + Jason | Married

It is safe to say that this wedding goes down in the history books. It wasn’t just one day of celebration; it was one week in Punta Cana with family and friends who are beyond welcoming, loving, supportive and positive. It takes a very special couple to get one of the hardest working families in Ottawa to take a week off at one time and enjoy the sand and sun together. I brought my partner in crime on this trip with me, Amanda. I don’t think we really knew what was going to come out of this experience together other than sheer excitement. These photos are just a glimpse of the week we spent together to witness two people decide to love each other forever. Luckily, our friends at Bespoke also captured this experience perfectly; watching it makes my heart smile. These photos bring me back to that time that changed more than one life. It was truly an honour to have watched and photographed the story unfold throughout the week.

Be safe, happy, healthy… loved





Ps. Frankie… Amanda says HI!