It’s a GIRL!

These three simple words flood my heart with memories of love, amazement and new beginnings.  The moment I heard them, I was re-defined. Kathy’s definition had altered. I was a Mother. It was my mom’s voice that I heard, I will never forget the shakiness in her voice, the joy; I could hear her tears… “It’s a girl.”

What brings you back to your memories? Is it a song, a word, a photo, a smell, a look? What brings you back to that moment that re-defined you, that moved you, that took your breath away?

I believe that life is about love and relationships; true in its simplest form.  Happiness for me is both being able to live whole-heartedly in the moment and to be able to evoke it. Creating these memories makes me happy, as they bring me back to the days and that made me who I am.

I believe these are God’s gift to us.

As a photographer, I am the link between a moment that defined you, and the memory of it.  I am the story, the smell, the song, the look…. the photo.


Be safe, happy, healthy… loved