Emma + Jeff | Engaged

A couple of months ago, Kathy and I packed up the car for a road trip to Toronto to shoot a full day at Casa Loma. We were there to photograph two awesome couples in the historical castle which is in the middle of the city.  It was such an amazing day!!  Here is one of the couples’ we photographed… meet Jeff and Emma.  They are getting married TOMORROW, and we are so excited !!

The world is a small place.. so they say… I would have to agree! Emma and Jeff are both from Ottawa and moved to the big city. Emma and I, went to elementary school together, lived around the corner from each other and also played competitive soccer growing up!  It was so great to see her after all of these years, gorgeous, engaged, grown up, and still the same amazing girl that I remembered. Not only that, Kathy went to the same university with Jeff so…. basically it was just one big reunion at a castle!

Jeff proposed to Emma on pretty much the only rooftop that has a perfect view of the Toronto city skyline. He spelt out ‘marry me’ with roses… long stem roses…. hundreds of them…..

They are a gorgeous couple and we can’t wait to see Emma as a beautiful bride. So stay tuned…..

The hastag for their wedding is #jeffemmawedding2013  follow us for all the fun:)

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This one is Emma’s favorite…we love it too!


So… let’s play a game… What character… superhero if you will, do you think Jeff looks like? …… You got it, the modern day Clark Kent! I kept on looking at him thinking he was going to disappear, rip off his shirt and go out in the big bad city to save people…


Clearly, that never happened… but at least Emma found her very own super hero!PINIMAGE


We just had to see if she could carry him and she could. She is small but mighty.