Robbie + Samira + Nabil + Gabriel + Oliver | Together

Having a new baby in the house always causes quite the stir in routine, life, love and especially sleep. How about having a toddler boy, then throw newborn twins into the mix? This mother is my hero, she make it look so easy. Where she finds her energy no one really knows. But it’s true when they say it takes a village to raise a child.

Kathy spent some time with Samira and Nabil capturing their life and routine before the twins.  As much as you can be prepared to have three, really four boys including her husband in the house at one time I am sure it is a surreal feeling in reality. The most precious of times during the day typically happens when there is no one able to capture a picture. It is our greatest gift to you, to give you something that only a fly on the wall can see.

When Gabriel and Oliver arrived,  Kathy and I went to the house to take part on a regular day in the life of the Daoud’s. We got to hold, feed, burp, sing, and dance with these two precious boys. Kathy was giddy with baby fever all day! There is something so calming about holding a new born and watching them sleep. The biggest challenge in shooting twin newborns is to have both babies happy and sleeping at the exact same time. It happened and we have the proof.

To all women who embark on the journey of having children. You truly are the roots that set the health and love of our future. You carry the most important and greatest burden to bare; motherhood.

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They arrived!!! Perfectly, brand new!


I saved the best picture for last. Look at the little guy on the right, just so tired! This is a perfect family picture because it is authentic. In every way. It also gives me a good chuckle because you didn’t even have to be there :).