Amanda and I had fun discussing all the location options we’d love to use for her engagement session,  Apart from having a beautiful landscape, to me, it’s so important to have my clients connect to their chosen spot.  Be it their first home, first date, somewhere there is an emotion connection to, including their family pets, or using meaning props.  That raises the stakes for me, and forces me to be more creative, as it’s not always tried and true location.  And if it is, then I want to look at it with a new set of eyes, so each session I photograph has a personal feel to it.  As soon as Amanda hinted that her backyard might be an option as they are in love with their home, I told her I was sold on the idea.  So we opted for their cozy, warm, beautiful backyard.  Yes you heard me, these photos below are all done in this amazing couples’ home. Not even having seen the space… if her heart was in, then so was I !!

Lucky for me… I got this magical land and magical light to work with (ya me !!!) and bonus… this magical couple.  See for yourselves

393 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

377 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

417 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

425 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

406 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

374 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

316 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

317 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

319 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

326 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

324 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

342 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

345 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

361 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

130 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

128 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

115 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

108 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

505 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

016 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

045 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

061 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

081 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

086 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

144 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

155 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

160 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

179 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

186 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

195 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

231 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

250 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

254 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

280 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

297 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

301 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

311 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

309 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

466 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

501 - Munro 16-17PINIMAGE

Stay safe, happy, healthy and love xo


Sharing a session from last year, as today is this beautiful mama’s birthday. Please help me wish Cynthia an amazing day, and an amazing pregnancy, as she is currently blessed and pregnant with Noah’s little brother. Enjoy these oldies, I definitely did !! Happy birthday Cynthia xo !!

186r - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE164 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE017r - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE222 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE246 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE025 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE079 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE456 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE378 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE447 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE448 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE333r - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE312 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE281 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE141 - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE616r - Dagher family 15-24PINIMAGE

Let me introduce you to two of the cutest little models I had the pleasure to photograph.  Isabella and Rocco are too delicious for words, it was an amazing morning spent with them and their mama, the effortlessly beautiful Ashley.  I am so honoured I got to laugh and play with these munchkins, and photograph the beginning of a beautiful friendship, the bond between brother and sister… enjoy 😉

138 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

Rocco the bodyguard

080 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

486 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

499 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

010 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

Such a stud-muffin

019 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

024 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

029 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

These eyes… are seriously out of this world

096r - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

104 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

126 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

186 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE242r - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

243 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

244 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

282 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

Isabella was so good with me throughout the entire shoot, she took a tiny catnap, sweetest angelface

298 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE302 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

315 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

This was the face I got, when I was caught taking pics of her sleeping – Priceless !!

323 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

343 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

344 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

352 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

387 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

396 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

410 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

426 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

Had a little fun with these louboutinis, from .  They are a perfect match for mama’s little me 😉

462 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

451 - Della Vedova 16-04PINIMAGE

Be safe, happy, healthy and loved


I can happily say that the beautiful Lima family is no stranger to my camera.  I have been photographing this love story for 5 years now.  Gen, Carlos and Arielle (yes, she is a mermaid) are soon welcoming another little princess into their hearts.  I am so excited !!  These are the latest collections of photos I took, and am pretty pleased with them :).  Gen’s love of animals was a driving force behind the vision, and I had worked at Sunset farm before and knew it would be perfect for this shoot.  This gorgeous unicorn (she’s just missing her horn ;)) is Holy and was just a dream to work with. We were in heaven



066r - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE


025 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

“Smell the flowers mama” – Arielle

These totally tug at my heart, giggles make the world go round

056 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

090 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

110 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

112 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

114 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

132 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

171 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

Well hello there pretty mama !!

180 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

189 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

Real life mermaids and unicorns

201r - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

212 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

217 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

226 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

248 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

261 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE265r - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

282 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

Even Holy was giggling

349r - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

404 - Lima maternity 15-27PINIMAGE

Be safe, happy, healthy and loved



Tara and Mark have a magnetic energy, and photographing them was effortless.  Usually for all my couples, the engagement session is their first real shoot together, so it’s normal to be nervous.  But they killed it right off the bat, lucky for me ;).  The laughing and the fun basically started right away, and I am so grateful.

I also love when couples bring their pets to our engagement shoots.  Being that it’s usually their first official family portrait, I love personalizing this with your furry family members.

We are photographing this couple’s wedding next weekend, wishing them a stress-free, last week single… see you next week 😉


This is the laugh I got within 2 minutes… pretty sweet eh !!


And this collection followed, I just had to put them all in 2015-06-22_0010PINIMAGE






Family portrait2015-06-22_0018PINIMAGE

Mr. Protector, this is Axel, the alpha.


And this is Remi, mama’s boy.  both pups were super sweet2015-06-22_0017PINIMAGE










413r- Borowiecki 15-12PINIMAGE







Be safe, happy, healthy and loved

Kathy xo