About Kathy



Fleischer Photography has been celebrating life since 1978.

Since 2005, Kathy has become lead photographer and owner, continuing in the footsteps of her mother Monika. Fleischer Photography is built on a foundation of quality and client focus. Today, Kathy sees life through the lens as a mother and as a wife. Capturing authentic moments created by the most important part of life. Love.

Everything happens for a reason.

We are inspired by the love story never told, the laughter of a child, the fondness of a parent, the warmth of love. A photograph is not just a moment captured; to us it represents an experience, a conversation, a memory that will be passed on through generations. We are lucky to share in the experience, to be a part of it and act as your eyes.

And this is how we see it.

Change is the only thing constant in this world. We have embraced this philosophy throughout the years and with every celebration we capture. As photographers we are able to take a moment and make it last a lifetime. This value is shared in our time together and passed on to your home and generations to come.